July 28, 2019
This Week’s Reflection

A Mindset of Service

There’s a lot of traveling, delivering, and visiting going on in our readings today. In Genesis Abraham cares for the needs of three mysterious travelers. The psalm responds, celebrating the kind of righteousness that Abraham practices. Then, in his letter to the Colossians, Saint Paul describes his own ministry as almost like a delivery service: he, God’s steward, brings the word of God to their community. Finally, Luke’s Gospel shares the well-known story of Mary and Martha, and the different ways they welcome Jesus into their home. Amid all this coming and going, we are invited to pay attention to the ways we tend to the needs of others. Each of us can ask, How am I present to God and others in my life?

Una Mentalidad de Servicio

Rublev's famous icon showing the three Angels being hosted by Abraham at Mambré.Hay varios viajes, entregas y visitas que pasan en las lecturas de hoy. En el libro del Génesis, Abraham atiende las necesidades de los tres viajeros misteriosos. La respuesta del salmo, celebra la justicia que Abraham practica. Entonces, en su carta a los Ccolosenses, San Pablo describe su propio ministerio como algo que es para darse como servicio: él, administrador de Dios, trae la palabra de Dios a su comunidad. Finalmente, el Evangelio de Lucas, comparte la historia bien conocida de Marta y María, y la manera diferente como recibieron en su casa a Jesús. En medio de todo este trajinar, se nos invita a poner atención en las formas que atendemos las necesidades de los demás. Cada uno de nosotros podemos preguntar, ¿cómo presento mi vida a Dios y a otros?

New Parochial Administrator of Corpus Christi Parish

Rev. Luis LopezRev. Luis Lopez is originally from El Salvador. He is the oldest of four siblings. He grew up in a Catholic environment attending Sunday Masses, serving as an altar boy and teaching catechesis in his home parish.

His vocation story was impacted by the example of Saint Oscar Romero, who was Archbishop of San Salvador and martyred in 1980. One of the St. Oscar Romero’s sayings became his inspiration: “A good shepherd must be where the suffering is, and the only true leader and fountain of hope is Jesus Christ.” Rev. Lopez graduated from the University as a teacher and he taught for almost ten years before he entered into the Seminary.

Rev. Lopez began his priestly formation in January 2005. He moved to Costa Rica where he studied Philosophy. Then in 2007, he went to México to begin his Theology studies. In December 2008, Rev. Lopez came to the U.S to visit his family. During that visit, he saw the necessity for Priests to serve in this country. After much prayer he made the decision to apply to the Diocese of Oakland as a seminarian.

Rev. Lopez moved to the USA in 2009. He studied ESL for two years and then continued his Theology studies at St. Patrick’s Seminary and University in Menlo Park.

Rev. Luis Lopez was ordained as priest for the Diocese of Oakland on May 13th, 2016. He has served as Parochial Vicar at St. Anthony, Oakley and Divine Mercy Parish, Oakland. On May 17, 2019, Bishop Michael Barber appointed him as Parochial Administrator of Corpus Christi Parish, Fremont, effective July 1, 2019.

St. Joseph Prayer / Oración a San Jose

St. Joseph Prayer For Protection & Renewal Of The Church / Oración a San Jose Para La Protección y Renovación De La Iglesia

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