Weekly Reflections

Votive Cancles
Bulletin | Weekly Reflections | December 29, 2019

Salvation in Daily Life

This Sunday is the feast of the Holy Family, which comes on the first Sunday after Christmas Day. Today’s feast celebrates how the humanity of Jesus (including his entire family life) has brought saving significance into the daily rhythms of our human... Read more

Bulletin | Weekly Reflections | December 22, 2019

Trust in God

On this final Sunday of Advent our scriptures focus on the historical birth of Jesus, who is son of David and Son of God, child and king, Jesus and Emmanuel. Isaiah the prophet begs Ahaz to ask for a sign, to allow God to offer him reassurance of the survival of... Read more

Bulletin | Weekly Reflections | December 15, 2019

Reason to Rejoice

Dark violet is used throughout Advent to express its character as a season of spiritual preparation for Christmas and “the coming of the Lord.” But on the Third Sunday of Advent, formerly known as Gaudete (Latin for “rejoice”) Sunday,... Read more

Bulletin | Weekly Reflections | December 8, 2019

The Long-Awaited One

As the Sundays of Advent unfold the scriptures shift focus from the final coming of the Lord to his historical birth. Today’s scriptures blend the two. Isaiah’s disillusionment with the kings of his own day led him to envision an ideal king who would rule... Read more

Bulletin | Weekly Reflections | December 1, 2019

Hopeful Expectation

Our liturgical year begins with the season of Advent—a time of hopeful expectation of the coming of the Lord. On the First Sunday of Advent we look forward to the end of time when we will awaken to the dawn of Christ’s new day. Today we hear... Read more

Bulletin | Weekly Reflections | November 24, 2019

Of Kings and Kingship

Americans have an uncomfortable relationship with kings. The American Revolution was fought for independence from King George, after all. Nonetheless, today every Catholic church around the world celebrates the Solemnity of Our Lord Jesus Christ, King of... Read more

Bulletin | Weekly Reflections | November 17, 2019

Life is Hard, but Have No Fear

Today’s readings take a fearless look at reality and reach a conclusion that we all know: life is hard. The prophet Malachi preaches fire and brimstone, warning us that evildoers will perish in flames. Saint Paul offers his own warning to... Read more