Weekly Reflections

Votive Cancles
Bulletin | Weekly Reflections | October 20, 2019


Today’s readings are about persistence, passionate persistence. Exodus tells of a battle won despite weariness because Moses, with help from Aaron and Hur, held his hands raised. Timothy asks that same persistence of his community and us. Luke tells of a... Read more

Bulletin | Weekly Reflections | October 6, 2019

A Little Faith

Today our readings are about faith, frustration, and how much is enough. Habakkuk is a complainer having an argument with God. Timothy is encouraging a community challenged by cowardice and the apostles want more faith than they have. Things aren’t happening... Read more

Bulletin | Weekly Reflections | September 29, 2019

How God Intends Us to Live

Today’s readings are again directed to believers, communities of faith. As in last week’s reading, Amos confronts us with a condemnation of those whose lives are focused on pleasure and self-absorption. The psalm contrasts that focus with... Read more

Bulletin | Weekly Reflections | September 22, 2019

God is on the Side of the Poor

Two of today’s readings make it quite clear that God is on the side of the poor. Amos describes in detail the exploitation of the... Read more

Bulletin | Weekly Reflections | September 15, 2019

Lost and Found

Welcome to “Lost and Found Sunday”! Just in case being in church makes us proudly consider ourselves especially religious, today’s Gospel suggests that we’d be wiser to admit that we’re sometimes lost. Then we’ll eventually be... Read more

Bulletin | Weekly Reflections | September 8, 2019

Post-Summer Challenges

With any luck, summer delights will continue a while past last weekend’s Labor Day: refreshing recreation (with maybe an occasional swim) or enjoyable relaxation on the deck (with tasty outdoor grilling). Truth is, for some of us, this year’s... Read more

Bulletin | Weekly Reflections | September 1, 2019


Humility is a virtue we don’t see much in our times. It seems that bragging, swaggering, and arrogance dominate our fashion for everything and our Internet conversations. Who hasn’t been irritated by the “trolls” who try (usually with bad grammar and poor... Read more