Weekly Reflections

Votive Cancles
Bulletin | Weekly Reflections | September 27, 2020

Familiar Insights

Spiritual teachers tend to repeat themselves, and to repeat other teachers. Maybe there really aren’t that many different truths to tell. Just a lot of slow, sleepy human beings—like us—who need to hear the basics over and over. Consider today’s... Read more

Bulletin | Weekly Reflections | May 3, 2020

Prayer Card for Catholics During COVID-19

Many Dioceses, parishes, and Catholics begin to feel the effects of remaining at home due to the coronavirus. Below is a prayer to Our Lady of Guadalupe that you can download and print. The card is available in both English and... Read more

Bulletin | Weekly Reflections | April 19, 2020

What To Do on Divine Mercy Sunday (April 19)

The Marians of the Immaculate Conception, who promote the message of Divine Mercy, recommend that we celebrate the Feast of Divine Mercy in three steps: 1) Ask the Lord for forgiveness... Read more

Bulletin | Weekly Reflections | April 12, 2020

I know that my Redeemer lives.

(Job 19:25)

I’ve been holding onto that verse these past weeks. When I feel afraid, it gives me comfort and strength. By saying my Redeemer lives, it means that no matter what happens to us or our... Read more